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Since its inception in 2007, Codon Biotech Pvt. Ltd. has reflected growing impact of new biological technologies. Through cutting edge research, the organization addresses challenges and issues of biotechnology. Its three research strands comprises the Agriculture Biotech Sector focusing in two extremes, firstly isolation of anti fungal proteins from plant extracts for production of cost-effective bio-pesticides and secondly isolation of mutant cyanobacterial strains found to be resistant against agrochemicals for production of effective bio-fertilizers. Environmental Biotech Sector focusing on isolation and characterization of microbes capable of degrading all types of wastes thus contributing in environmental protection and eco-efficient industrial waste degradation. Industrial Biotech Sector which focuses on cost effective and viable production of commercial products through microbes

Scientific Highlights: 

Agriculture Biotech Sector:

Application of Synthetic pesticides & fertilizers has become a serious concern in the agriculture sector. Through extensive research work we have characterized many plant extract such as that of Quisqualis indica Linn., Calotropis procera Ait., Achyranthes aspera Linn., Ocimum sanctum Linn., Launaea nudicaulis (Linn.) Hook., Syzygium cumini L., Bauhinia variegate L., Psidium guajava L., Carica papaya L., Callistemon lanceolatus (Sm.) Sweet and Polyalthia longifolia L. and tested against plant and animal pathogens getting positive results. In the coming years our target is to identify and isolate anti-fungal proteins from these and other plants and manufacture effective bio-pesticides. The processing for development of Biopesticides is in pipeline. In the second major research activity, some commonly found rice field cyanobacterial strains have been collected and maintained in our laboratory. Research work is being carried to test toxic and mutagenic effect of commonly used agrochemicals against agriculturally important cyanobacteria. For the next few years further plan of action is to isolate resistant / mutant varieties of cyanobacteria and develop and bio-fertilizer and artificial seeds through them.


Environment Biotech Sector:

In an ideal world, human activities would have no harmful effects on the environment. However, the ways in which society obtains its food, energy, and consumer products and disposes of its wastes are resulting in serious degradation of the natural environment. Today an increase demand exists to replace some traditional chemical processes with biotechnological processes involving microorganisms and/or enzymes, which not only provide an economically viable alternative but are also more environmentally friendly. To progress this concept of degrading wastes by the biological process, our organization is working on different microbial strains viz, Trichoderma spp. Saccharomyces spp., Bacillus spp., Pseudomonas spp, Streptobacilli etc. which are capable of degrading industrial and domestic wastes in an easy, effective and eco-friendly way. In coming years our work will be to develop molecular markers for these important microrganisms. Till date the researchers have identified and characterized different Bacterial and Fungal strains which are helpful in Degradation or Bioconversion of Lignin, Industrial and sewage waste water, Industrial Waste Dyes, Oil contaminations, pesticide contamination and Biodiesel waste glycerol bioconversion. Major progress is being made in conversion of different types of environmental waste materials into commercially viable products through fermentation technology. Patents have already been filed for useful processes related to this aspect.


Industrial Biotech Sector

In this sector research related to development of cost effective production and purification methods for industrially important products is in progress. Research papers depicting the extensive work done has been accepted or communicated to various National and International Journals. Patents have also been applied for different commercially viable projects


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