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Projects and dissertations work can be performed in the state of art Laboratories of Codon Biotech. Students are encouraged to design their own individualized projects with the help of our Scientists and faculties. The company has a team of highly talented Scientists who have vast experience in conducting research work and have numerous Research Publications and Patents to their credit. Codon Biotech specializes in planning and designing of projects and providing state of the art infrastructure for students to conduct the research work and then also provide the technical know-how in interpretation, analysis and publication of the result.

Broad Topics of ongoing projects for 2,3,4,6 months are listed below 

RDT and Genomics:

  • DNA profiling & fingerprinting of various microbial species.
  • Characterization of modified strain via genomics & molecular biology techniques.
  • Transformation and Cloning of gene of interest.
  • Study of Molecular markers in crop plants.
  • Isolation of gene of interest from bacteria via PCR.
  • Identification of bacterial strains using 16sRNA amplification



  • Analytical Profiling of proteins in plants after usage of pesticides and hormones.
  • Soluble protein characterization & profiling from tissues.
  • Study of herbs as antimicrobial agents
  • Protein Fingerprinting in plants / animal tissue
  • Study protein polymorphism related to abiotic stress.
  • Isolation and purification of proteins/enzymes from plant tissues


Fuel Biotech:

  • Studies on Lignin degrading microbes.
  • Study of microbes useful in ethanol production.
  • Bioethanol production from agricultural waste.
  • Biobutanol production from wastes
  • Bioconversion of waste from Biofuels into economically important products.


Industrial Biotech:

  • Production of Antibiotics.
  • Production of Organic Acids.
  • Bacterial Secondary metabolite production.
  • Production of Beverages.
  • Production of Enzymes.


Environmental Biotech:

  • Studies on microbial degradation of oil.
  • Studies on lead Bioremediation
  • Studies on microbial degradation of waste plastic / thermocol.
  • Studies on industrial dye/effluent degradation.


Medical /Immunology

  • Isolation and Purification of Immunoglobins.
  • Analysis of clinical samples in diagnosis of diseases
  • Purification of IgG
  • Analysis of different parameters leading to dental caries
  • Analysis of ayurvedic drugs.
  • Screening of antibiotics again resistant bacterial infections


Plant & Agriculture Biotech:

  • Allelopathic behaviour of medicinal plant species on some traditional agriculture crops.
  • Importance of BGA as biofertilizer.
  • Enhancing the effect of botanical as biofungicide / biopesticide.
  • Analysis of effectiveness of different biofungicide on plant pathogen



  • Design and search for the inhibitors against the selected novel drug target proteins from the databanks.
  • Structure based drug design / Computer based drug design.
  • Database development



  • Patent landscaping.
  • Patent search for specific disease type.


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