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Contract Research

Codon Biotech is involved in contract research services i.e. it is an organization that provides support to the biotechnology and medical device industries, universities, colleges and Private firms in the form of research services outsourced on a contract basis. Codon Biotech are service providers for the most comprehensive set of lab services. Our laboratory services are designed to increase speed and precision to accelerate decision making. Codon Biotech provides a broad spectrum of services, across the R&D and manufacturing value chain with a focus on speed and quality. Codon Biotech offers services in Bioavailability/Bioequivalence Studies, Data Management, Biometrics as well as formulation development and much more.

The company also offers services like 

  • All Biochemical tests
  • All kinds of microbiological Testing
  • Different pathological testing
  • 16 S RNA analysis
  • Sequencing
  • All protein level analysis
  • Toxin / pesticide testing


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Special Discount available on all the Modules.

Fee After Discount Rs- 1000/ per module

Duration- One week


1) Fermentation Technology

2) Down stream Processing

3) Quality Control

4) PCR

5) Gas Chromatography